Deer crashes through window of suburban home, causes havoc

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A deer smashed through a suburban family’s living room window, causing a mess and injury to the animal. The homeowners called wildlife rescue experts to stabilize the situation and guide the deer back into the woods to avoid further risk. Deer crashes through window incidents are rare but can be catastrophic for both humans and the deer. Tips to prevent such incidents include using decorative window stickers, limiting outdoor lighting, and avoiding planting deer-attractive greenery close to homes. Taking proactive measures can ensure families’ safety and avoid wildlife intrusions.


Deer are amazing creatures to observe from afar—majestic, delicate creatures that roam our forests and countryside. However, when these beautiful creatures find their way into urban or suburban areas, the results can be disastrous. Just imagine returning home from a long day’s work only to find a deer has broken through your window, ransacked your living room, and possibly injured itself or those in the house. This is exactly what happened to one suburban family when a deer crashed through their window, causing havoc in their home.

The Deer Crash

Initially, the moment the unsuspecting family heard a loud crash from their living room, they assumed it was just a stray object that had fallen off a shelf. However, when they rushed to check, they were met with a much more frightening sight – a deer had smashed through their window.

The deer smashed everything that blocked its path, with broken glass littering the floor and every piece of furniture getting tossed around. The living room was turned into a mess, with the deer still struggling to get back up to its feet.

Injured and Confused

The animal, one of the many deer that still roam the suburban areas, seemed to be in a confused and injured state. The homeowners immediately called for emergency services, which sent a team of wildlife rescue experts to manage and stabilize the situation.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but the family’s home was a mess with everything scattered around. The giant animal was guided out of the home, back into the woods to avoid any further risks.

Preventing Deer Accidents

Deer crashes through window incidents are rare, but they do happen. Sadly, these incidents can often end catastrophically for both humans and the deer alike. It’s important to take preemptive measures to avoid such incidents. Here are some tips to take into consideration:

1. Use Decorative Window Stickers

Applying window stickers can help deer see that there’s a barrier in the way. This will reduce their chances of attempting to wander through the glass. Many decorative window stickers can do more than add style to your home; they also have the added benefit of deterring deer and other wildlife.

2. Limit Outdoor Lighting

Brightly-lit homes at night can attract wildlife, including deer, to your property. If you’re experiencing deer around your home, it may be useful to switch outdoor lighting off at certain times or to install stronger shades that limit outdoor light from entering your windows.

3. Avoid Planting Plants Deemed Tasty by Deer

Certain trees, plants, and flowers are particularly attractive to deer. This means that planting such greenery close to your home could bring unwanted visitors closer to your doorstep. It is important to know your deer-resistant plants and avoid planting feeders and other food that may look attractive to deer and invite them.


Q: Are Deer crashes through window incidents common?
A: No, these incidents are rare, but when they occur, they can be catastrophic.

Q: Do window stickers work for deterring deer?
A: Yes, stickers can be effective in deterring deer from entering through windows.

Q: Can deer cause injury to humans when they enter properties?
A: Yes. When deer enter homes, they can become aggressive and cause harm even when they don’t intend to.

Q: Can the same preventions for deer accidents also work for other wildlife?
A: Yes. Many of the suggested prevention tactics can help prevent other wildlife from entering your property and causing havoc.


Deer crashes through window incidents are not a regular occurrence, but such accidents can happen anywhere. It’s important to be prepared and take preventive measures to ensure that we can keep our homes and families safe. By following the tips that have been listed above, you can reduce the risk of wildlife intruding and causing chaos in your home. It is always important to act promptly, call in the right animal rescue teams, and keep your loved ones safe when instances like these occur.