Safely Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with These Firepit Safety Tips

Uncategorized By Apr 19, 2023

Enjoying the outdoors around a firepit carries risks. Injuries, property damage, and unplanned fires can be among them. Experts suggest you select a heat-resistant, quality, UL-listed firepit made from safe materials. Choose a safe location, away from overhanging branches or near the home, keeping a distance of at least 10-20 feet. Clear the area of debris and flammable materials. Keep an eye on the weather and have fire extinguishers or a bucket of water or sand nearby, and make sure you know how to use them. A screen is recommended to reduce the risk of sparking embers.

Safely Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with These Firepit Safety Tips

Spending quality time with your family and friends around a crackling firepit is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s an opportunity to relax, connect with nature, and make cherished memories. However, as wonderful as these moments are, they also come with risk. Unplanned fires, injuries, and property damage are just some of the consequences of incorrect firepit usage. To ensure your outdoor hanging out is memorable and safe, here are some expert firepit safety tips.

1. Choose The Right Firepit

The type of firepit you choose can have a significant impact on your safety. Before making a purchase, research the materials used to construct the firepit to ensure they are heat-resistant. Additionally, consider the size and location of the firepit, its functionality, and its aesthetic appeal. Experts recommend avoiding homemade firepits, which can be unstable and dangerous, and investing in a quality, UL-listed firepit.

2. Select A Safe Location

When setting up a firepit, it’s important to position it in a spot that is safe and away from surrounding structures, such as your home or trees. Avoid setting up your fire pit under tree branches or overhanging decks. A safe distance from your home or any shrubs is a minimum of 10-20 feet. During windier weather conditions or if you’re using a gas firepit, it’s important to ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Also, make sure the area is clean and free from any vegetation or debris that could easily catch fire.

3. Clear The Surrounding Environment

Before starting a fire in your firepit, it’s important to clear the surrounding environment. You might use weed killers, cut back tree branches or dead vegetation, and generally tidy the area. Doing this will help reduce the risk of a wildfire or accidental fire. It’s also important to keep the firepit clear of leaves, twigs, or any flammable material that could ignite.

4. Keep An Eye On The Weather

Weather conditions are an essential factor to consider before lighting up your firepit. Windy conditions can cause the fire to spread swiftly, potentially reaching dangerous levels. During the dry season, it’s important to consider the grass and soil condition, and that the firepit should not be lit during a drought or high fire danger period. Also, temperatures can plummet quickly in the evening, and it’s crucial to ensure you have adequate protection against the cold or form of shelter if needed.

5. Always Have Fire Extinguishers and Safety Equipment Available

Before lighting up, always make sure you have fire extinguishers nearby, a bucket of water or sand, or a garden hose to use in case of emergencies. These items will help you put out a fire before it gets out of control. Additionally, make sure to inform your family and friends of these precautions, and how to access and use them in case of an emergency.


Q: What are the most crucial things to check before starting up a firepit?
A: Ensure you have a quality, UL list firepit, position it in a safe location, clear its surrounding environment, check the weather forecast, and always have fire extinguishers, water or sand bucket, or hose at your disposal.

Q: How can I ensure my firepit doesn’t emit harmful gases?
A: Regularly clean your firepit and use dry firewood as damp firewood causes smokes and harmful gases.

Q: Is a screen necessary on a firepit?
A: A screen is highly recommended to help prevent scattering embers and sparks. Screens help minimize the risk of injury and property damage.


A firepit is a perfect way to bring people together for uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment. However, using one comes with many precautions to ensure safety. These tips can help you defray accidents while enjoying your outdoor living space fully. Remember that safety should always come first. The firepit serves as part of your outdoor environment and needs to be complemented by other backyard features like outdoor furniture, leaving you with a remarkable outdoor experience. Always prioritize and consider safety in your outdoor spaces.